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If you are looking for professional article writing services that resonate with your audience, reflect your brand, and can customize content to depict a particular tone or voice, then you are at the right place.  

At Xpress Content we understand the challenge of optimizing content for SEO and meeting the intent of your target audience. We will help you understand what is SEO writing services, why content freelancers are important, and various types of web content.

Let’s delve in.

What Does SEO Article Writing Mean? Do I Need It?

In the present-day, when people want to buy an item they type on search engines. The top result is what gets high traffic which means that the business gets higher sales. 

What is the secret of ranking high? Getting excellent SEO content writing service.

SEO articles are crafted in a specific way that attracts the attention of the search engines so that you rank high on keywords. For example, if you are selling lawn mowers, you will have terms connected to lawn mowers that will help you get on the top of a search engine. This position means more sales for you!

Where Can I Get Exceptional Writing Services? 

1. Freelance Writers

You can access an expert article writer online who will craft a high-quality article for you. Skilled article writers have experience in content strategy, content ideation, optimization, editing, proofreading, and publishing. You can find excellent freelancers online. The good thing is that you pay them on a project or need basis.

Even when it comes to keyword research and competitor research to stand above your peers, an expert writer got you covered. 

Most article writers charge per word or on hourly basis. You can always agree and it’s quite easy to get one within your budget.

2. Content Agencies

You can also find professional and quality content services from agencies. These have in-house writers who can handle your project from start to end. Some popular agencies include Upwork, Textbroker, and Fiverr.

While you outsource your article writing, you can attend to other business activities instead.

Why Should You Consider Professional Services?

Creating articles that will rank high on search engines and grasp the attention of the reader can be challenging if writing isn’t your field of expertise.

That is why most online businesses turn to online article writers. They get quality articles that remain on the first page of search engines and attract visitors who can turn into customers.

The experience helps these writers to craft high-quality content within your deadline. If you are looking for articles that rank well and increase your organic traffic on a continuous basis, then finding professionals is an important aspect.

Types of Article Writing Services

1. SEO Blog Writing 

Search engine optimization blog writing involves creating content that ranks on the first page of search engines. It entails researching relevant keywords, determining keyword density, and the number of words required for a specific blog to meet the searcher’s intent.

It also entails creating top-notch and original content that appeals to the target audience.

2. Landing pages

A landing page is a stand-alone web page used specifically for marketing or advertising campaign. In other words, it’s where visitors ‘land’ when they click on your URL.

For the best website experience, you need an optimized landing page that helps your visitors take the necessary action.

When written excellently, you will realize your marketing campaign goals. Every word will influence the reader to buy your goods or service.

3. Product Reviews & Description

While product reviews and descriptions draw a vivid picture of your product, they should also have an impact on the reader’s decision to purchase it.

To write exceptional product descriptions or reviews, you have to use powerful words and catchy phrases. Nevertheless, your prospective customer should relate to each word.

4. Marketing Copies

A marketing copy is a document written to help prospects and visitors turn into customers. It involves a high level of persuasion and emphasizing on the benefits than the description of service.

Copywriters maintain industry best-practices and use the best approaches to grow your online company.

5.Long Form Content

Keeping the reader engaged from the start to end of long-form content is no easy task.

However, an article writer who has handled numerous tasks knows what to include or exclude to compose a captivating long-form blog. They also write original content while maintaining quality, making the piece relevant to your customer.

Benefits of Professional Writing Services

1. Attract Your Target Audience

Professional writers are well-trained to incorporate hooks and images. These two elements are significant in grasping your readers’ attention. They also use a conversational tone to keep your target audience engaged to the end.

2. You Get Editing and Proofreading Services 

Most article writing service providers will also proofread and edit the articles before submission.

The editing and proofreading services are incorporated into the article writing service price. They give you an exceptionally edited article that is thoroughly proofread at no extra cost!

3. Get Outstanding Articles

Do you want to wow your target audience? Exceptional article writing service can do this for you while you attend to the core of your business. 

Excellent and optimized articles cannot go unnoticed but low-quality ones will bore your readers, increasing the bounce rate.

Do not worry anymore because quality article writing can sort this for you. Skilled writers are well equipped and will take their work through rigorous checking to ensure you get the best within a short turnaround time.

When it comes to exceptionally written content, they got your back. 

4. Increase Search Engines Ranking

With a website, you want to increase your online presence and visibility. The best way is to use SEO best-industry practices to create a unique and optimized piece.

This will make your business more visible and increase your sales. With the right content, you will get a high return on investment.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

High-quality and niche-relevant blogs will make your company more exposed to the prospects. Once people see your website pages on the first page of Google, they are likely to trust you and consider you an authority in your niche.

This can be a great business opportunity for you to grow your sales and revenue.

How to Choose an Ideal Article Writing Service Provider

Here are factors to consider when choosing article writing services.

1. A Professional in Your Niche 

You need article writers who understand what you want and have vast knowledge and experience in your niche. With these two, you are sure of getting content that is relevant to your specific topic.

A professional will submit content within a reasonable turnaround time, remain reliable during the project phase, and present ready to use content.

2. Pricing

The ideal article writing service provider is reasonably priced without compromising on quality. You will get high-quality articles without breaking the bank.

3. Non-Plagiarized Articles

A good article writer should create unique content for their clients. Through proper online research on every project, you will get unique articles that add value to the readers.

4. SEO and Reader-friendly Articles

It is vital to rank high on search engines, but this does not mean that you leave out your reader. Due to this, the writer you choose should not lean on one side (SEO) leaving the other (target audience).

When content is able to meet these two goals you will reduce website bounce rate and continue securing the first page of Google.

Get Exceptional Article Writing Services at the Click of a Button!

Are you looking for the ideal article writing service that will help rank you on search engines? You are at the right place.

At Xpress Content, we provide SEO and reader-friendly content that will keep you at the top of your game. We help you escalate your sales by employing the right choice of words.

We are professionals in different niches and compose 100% original work. 

We work with you and for you to ensure that all your needs are met. Besides high-quality articles, we offer you editing and proofreading services at no extra cost. 

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Beth Waweru
Author: Beth Waweru

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