Do you want to outrank your local business competitors? Local SEO marketing strategies can help you do this. With 46% of searches on Google being local, implementing local SEO would mean higher traffic, leads, and ROI.

So, what local SEO marketing strategies for home service contractors can you leverage to boost your business?

Let’s find out!

1.    Update Your NAP Citation

When did you last audit your NAP citation?

If it’s been a while, you may encounter challenges ranking at the top search engines’ results. Reason? Number, address, and phone number can change any time, either when you move your office or experience other alterations.

Search engines like Google consider whether your NAP citations are consistent across the web to increase your online presence. As a result, if you change your address or phone number, you need to request the local business directory and other sites owners that have the old data to update it.

Otherwise, you may not secure the top positions. Don’t forget to check your Google My Business profile whether it has accurate business information!

2.    GMB Profile

GMB is one of the most lucrative Google tools as it connects companies with potential customers. Consequently, you can optimize your GMB profile to secure a prime spot in the business listings or Map Pack.

So, how can you optimize your Google My Business profile?

  • Select the suitable business category and sub-category to optimize targeting. For instance, if you specialize in plumbing, you need to go beyond the home repair category.
  • Google offers you 750 characters limit to describe your business. You should utilize relevant keywords in this section to outrank your local competitors.
  • Leverage GMB features to assist your customers. For example, booking options, real-time messages, and welcome offers.
  • Add photos, videos, social media pages, detailed directions, or any other info that enhances the credibility of your business.
  • Don’t forget that filling out all the required information will give you an edge over other local home service contractors.

Here is an example of how not optimizing the GMB profile affects your business. This business appears in the local Google results for Houston, but its profile lacks an image or logo to prove its location.

You also notice that it doesn’t have a website for users to learn more about the contractor’s services. And when are they open? They don’t show, and this can deflect potential customers.

3.    Compose Exceptional Content

Google continues to use traditional SEO as a ranking factor, so if you want to reach more local clients, you need to optimize the following elements:

  • Title tags: Compose short and relevant page titles.
  • Header tags: Usually H2, H3, and H4 tags. They should be specific and convey the subject of your page.
  • Related keywords: You need to use relevant keywords accordingly but don’t overstuff them.
  • Alt tags: Alt tags give a text description of the images to the bots. You need to ensure they are accurate.
  • Meta tag description: Using relevant meta tags for your description will help you rank better. You can use meta descriptions that sound more like adverts to direct your potential customers.

Great content does not stop with SEO; you have to employ the right language to win your customers’ trust. In addition, ensure that every blog post or page contains content that enhances your credibility and shows you are an authority in the home service industry.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to implement an effective content marketing strategy that will help you create outstanding content!

4.    Link Building

Besides enhancing your local ranking, link building brings tons of traffic to your site. You can build strong links through high-traffic websites to help you reach more local potential clients. In addition, you need to have incoming links in relevant sites that are related to your subject.

The number of citations determines your position in the local search listing. As a result, you need to increase the mention of your business on other websites. Moreover, when giving your NAP information, it is essential to ensure they are accurate.

Some of the places you should ensure have your NAP citation include industry-specific directories, local directories, and related websites. This will help you outrank other local home service contractors, increasing your reach.

5.    Increase Customer Reviews

Besides evaluating ranking signals like links and content, search engines also consider online customer reviews. They check the review score and the number of reviews you have to determine whether you will get the prime position or not.

So, how can you build your review score and numbers?

You can start by creating a review system that is easy to maneuver for your clients. This will encourage more of them to leave a positive review for your local home service business.

What if you get negative reviews?

Although negative reviews may affect your ranking, you can minimize the effect by giving feedback. Respond to the specific client and ethically address the complaints. This will show responsiveness which improves your chances of ranking high.

6.    Optimize Your Website Performance

Let’s cut the chase; even with the right keywords and strong citations, you cannot attract much traffic if your website takes a long time to load. Remember, users have many responsibilities, and when they search for answers on Google, they want a quick fix or information to help them.

For instance, if someone wants to repair their leaking washroom, they may search for ‘washroom leak repair services’. When your website comes up, they will click. Suppose it takes much time to load, they will visit the next business on the list.

When search engines notice a high bounce rate, they will not feature you in the top results. Reason? High bounce rates usually mean you have a slow site or irrelevant content.

Consequently, there’s a need to optimize your website’s speed and navigation features. It will help you receive more traffic and leads on your site!

Final Thoughts

Local SEO enhances your local reach and helps you connect with your target audience. Consequently, your home service company enjoys numerous benefits like traffic and enormous returns.

But how can you implement a local SEO strategy that will keep you in the top search results?

You can accomplish this by updating your NAP information, optimizing your GMB profile, creating exceptional content, building links, getting online reviews, and optimizing your website’s performance.

You can also check this comprehensive guide on the local SEO strategy for more tips.

Which of the above local SEO strategies for home service contractors will you implement next?

Beth Waweru
Author: Beth Waweru

Beth Waweru is a health and wellness writer and a freelance writing trainer and coach. She's a certified content marketer, an On-page SEO specialist, and an advanced copywriter. She enjoys writing content and copy for brands and individuals in the holistic health and fitness industry. Beth enjoys mentoring new and upcoming freelance writers to master the craft, land high-paying clients and successfully launch their freelance writing career.