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Is content marketing important

According to HubSpot, 82% of marketers have continued to use content marketing in 2021. But why is there such a substantial investment in this strategy?

Content marketing delivers enormous benefits to businesses in different ways. This approach connects you with your target audience, allowing you to inform and influence their decisions to purchase from your business.

Whether you want to enhance your company’s image or increase your traffic, this strategy can help you accomplish that. All you need to do is create quality content and leverage tools like SEO.

Let’s get started!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on consistently creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to captivate, retain a specific audience, and eventually propel profitable customer action.

Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing showcases the value of your brand by building trust with your audience. And the primary tool for this approach is great content!

But how do you choose the kind of content you should write? When selecting the content type, you need to consider the long-term goals for your company and create pieces that enhance your brand image.

7 Reasons Why Content Marketing Important to Your Business

According to HubSpot, 70% of marketers invest in content marketing consistently. This figure shows how essential content marketing is to businesses. 

But why does it matter?

  1. Generates More Leads

If you are searching for an effective way to generate more leads, then content marketing is one of them. With consistent creation and distribution of great content, you attract an audience that interacts with it. And once they read it, they are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Moreover, having a call-to-action in your content directs your audience to purchase from you. As a result, you should have actionable CTAs inline, end of the post, in the hero, or at the side panel. But remember, CTAs cannot be effective if you don’t compose premium content!

  1. Increases Your Business Visibility 

Securing prime positions in search engines’ results with limited finances can be an uphill struggle. But thanks to content marketing, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be on the first page. Reason?

Search engines crawl websites to determine which businesses they will feature in their top results. With continuous production of high-quality and relevant content, you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Consequently, search engines feature your business on the first page, increasing your online visibility!

  1. Increases Your ROI

Your content connects you with the audience and helps them make decisions to purchase from you. And when you are consistent, it increases your traffic and ultimately improves conversions.

As a result, when employing a good conversion strategy, you get targeted leads which are the foundation for your sales funnel. So, whether you use infographics, white papers, or explainers when site visitors convert, they accept these offers.

Put in another way, they are converted to leads and become new customers. Consequently, your business ROI receives a significant boost!

  1. Builds Authority Online

In this era, where people constantly search for products and services online, you have to pose as an expert to get a significant market share. But how can you build authority online for users to be confident in your business?

Content marketing can help you do this! Through this approach, you can leverage SEO to optimize your content for search engines. This will help you rank in the top results, showing you are an authority in your niche.

As a result, you will receive much traffic and increase your business profitability!

  1. Promotes Customer Retention

Looking for a marketing approach that will give you repeat customers?

If yes, content marketing can help you achieve this. But how? Since this approach entails constant creation and sharing of content, you can leverage this to compose appealing and relevant pieces.

This will make your audience eager to read more from your site. For instance, if your business focuses on home decor, you can write exceptional pieces on DIY tips or new decor ideas and answer their questions. 

Ultimately, it will help you retain them, and you can present your offers to them anytime!

  1. It’s a Cost-Effective Strategy

According to Demand Metric, content marketing is 62% less costly than traditional marketing and generates almost 3 times as many leads. So if you are running an SMB, this is the perfect approach to apply as you will save a lot of money and achieve more.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that this strategy is time-intensive and can take a while before getting results, especially for SEO. Wondering why you have to wait for a long time? Here is why SEO takes long to generate results

However, with quality content, you can enjoy the benefits within a shorter period. And while this may necessitate hiring an agency, it is worth it. Reason? According to Social Media Examiner, more than 81% of marketers received higher traffic by investing at least 6 hours per week in social media content. This shows how crucial agencies are in marketing!

  1. Gives You an Edge Over the Competition

Running small or midsize businesses can be restrictive financially, limiting your marketing ability. For instance, you may not be able to appear in paid listings for search engines or run other paid adverts.

But thanks to content marketing, it gives you an even ground to showcase your expertise. This strategy allows you to create great content, putting you ahead of your competitors. Whether they are established companies or not!

Moreover, when you continue sharing content that meets your audience’s needs, your business will be outstanding regardless of its size!

Wrap Up

Do you want to scale your business? If yes, content marketing is the approach to leverage. You can use it to generate more leads, increase business visibility, build brand awareness, and retain your customers.

This strategy also helps you save money when marketing and puts you ahead of your competitors. Don’t forget to employ an effective content marketing strategy that will improve your business image and reputation!

With this, you will have more conversions and ultimately sales, boosting your company’s growth!

Beth Waweru
Author: Beth Waweru

Beth Waweru is a health and wellness writer and a freelance writing trainer and coach. She's a certified content marketer, an On-page SEO specialist, and an advanced copywriter. She enjoys writing content and copy for brands and individuals in the holistic health and fitness industry. Beth enjoys mentoring new and upcoming freelance writers to master the craft, land high-paying clients and successfully launch their freelance writing career.