The 5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for a Pest Control Company

According to Statista, the pest control industry is expected to have a market value that’s over $28 billion in 2026. Thanks to climate change, we continue to witness increased demand for pest control services even in 2023.

While this is good news for most companies, you need a future-proof marketing strategy to get a more significant market share. So, how can you reach your potential customers?

Digital marketing can help you increase your reach as it takes your business and its offers to your target audience.

Below are 5 digital marketing strategies for a pest control company to help you boost your pest control business.

1. Create a Great Website

Did you know that search engine users form an opinion about your pest control company in 0.05 seconds once your webpage loads? That shows how fundamental the outlook of your website is to your marketing strategy.

According to Blue Corona, 48% of users confirmed that a website’s design informs them whether a business is credible or not. As a result, you need to build an amazing website that will impress your potential customers.

Although the appearance of your site is essential, there are other elements you need to work on to make this digital marketing strategy more effective. They include:

  • Intuitive navigation: Your website needs to be easy and enjoyable to navigate. Help your clients choose different options without struggling.
  • Fast loading: In this era, users want to get information fast. So, don’t keep them waiting with a website that takes forever to load because they will opt for another pest control company website.
  • Mobile friendly: Is your site mobile friendly? If not, you are losing tons of traffic as 63% of U.S Google organic searches traffic comes from mobile devices.

You also need to use imagery, and videos, add contacts to your site, and keep your content informative.

2. Leverage Standard SEO and Local SEO 

Standard SEO continues to meet the need of the hour for SMBs and established companies. So, whether your pest control company is small, medium-sized, or has multiple entities in different cities, you need to optimize your content to outrank your competitors.

This may involve different actions and processes like keyword research, title tags and meta description, building backlinks, and internal linking. It may seem demanding, but it’s worth it! 

In addition, you will need local SEO to reach more local potential customers. Think of those users within your city that search for ‘pest control near me’. Can you receive traffic from such potential clients, or your website or GMB profile is not optimized?

Leverage local SEO to maximize your benefits from the business listings, local Map Pack, and organic listings!

Here is a local SEO strategy guide that will help you optimize different elements like GMB profile and content for higher ranking.

3. Social Media Marketing

Although social media marketing may not drive many sales to your site, it can help you increase your leads which is lucrative in the long run. For example, as a pest control company owner, you can inform your target audience about new products and services or run marketing companies. 

This will drive tons of traffic to your site!

You can also use social media marketing as a platform for successful branding and increase your credibility. To accomplish this, use your company’s logo, images, and videos to show you are a real company. 

Besides making you an authority in the industry, reviews help potential clients learn about your company’s products or services. As a result, you should earn numerous reviews through social media channels. This will boost your online presence and build trust with your followers!

4. Utilize Paid Ads

Generally, pest control companies use billboards, flyers, and newspaper ads to reach potential local clients. Although this strategy is effective, it is limited to those people who will encounter the printed ad.

But thanks to digital marketing, it connects you with potential clients regardless of their location. Online advertising increases your local reach, raking in higher traffic and new leads, bringing new clients.

If you own a small pest control business, then pay-per-click advertising is ideal for you. Reason? You only pay for the ad when a user clicks it; this saves you money. 

Google Adwords is an incredible PPC tool that comes with numerous benefits. This ad appears at the top of Google’s local search results, increasing your online visibility. Consequently, you receive much traffic and leads.

Google also allows you to track the performance of every ad, helping you make viable marketing decisions. Moreover, you can purchase ads on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your pest control business. According to Forbes, 66% of business leaders check their email before engaging in any other activity when they wake up in the morning. 

With 4,400% ROI, email marketing can help you grow your pest control business incredibly. It helps you nurture leads and connects you with your past clients. The good news is that you can automate it!

But how does it increase leads? Some customers continue to visit your site for prevention or pest control tips but don’t request your services.

While they may not be ready for your services, you can utilize a website pop-up that requests them to subscribe to your email. Once they subscribe, send them relevant information and updates on new offers.

For instance, a new product or service that you have introduced to make their life better. This will build trust and influence them to contact your pest control company when they can’t handle a pest infestation.

Time to Craft Digital Marketing Strategies for a Pest Control Company!

Scaling a pest control company can be an uphill struggle if you depend on print ads solely. But thanks to digital marketing, it enhances your online visibility, increasing your local reach. As a result, you get higher traffic and sales, boosting your business!

But what digital marketing strategies for a pest control company can you implement to realize business growth? Start by creating a great website, leverage SEO and local SEO, paid ads, email, and social media marketing. 

Don’t forget to implement an effective content marketing strategy!

Which digital marketing strategy do you think will be lucrative for your business?

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