As a wellness brand focused on women, finding the right email subject lines can be the bridge to higher conversions and increased revenue.

Here we share 21 email subject line ideas you can utilize and see your business grow

Let’s jump right in!

  1. Provocative Question – Did you know skipping breakfast can result in 10% fat loss? 
  2. Highlight an emotion – Take charge of your weight loss journey today 
  3. Current events or seasons – Do you know mangoes can make your fat loss journey harder? Or A healthy body, like football, a lot goes on behind the scenes 
  4. Issue a challenge – Would your future self, love how you relate to food today? Are you proud of what you see in your dressing mirror? Can you commit to just 14 hours of intermittent fasting? 
  5. A line of dialogue – Psssssssshh, your body is asking for help! 
  6. Provide a number – 7 reasons over 4,300 women trust us with their weight loss 
  7. Confess something – I bet you didn’t know. I struggled with weight all my life, until recently 
  8. Quiz – Take this body-type quiz 
  9. Highlight case study results – How Mary moved from 110 kgs to 71 kgs in 6 months, following our plan 
  10. Quote a client – Authentic. Result-oriented. Available nutrition experts 
  11. Say what the reader is probably thinking – Why won’t they tell me intermittent fasting is not as tough? 
  12. Guarantee something – Go back to your pre-pregnancy weight or lose belly fat forever 
  13. Relate to social trends – Don’t be a statistic of lifestyle diseases. Take charge 
  14. Promise to alleviate a struggle – Say no to belly fat struggles and rock that bikini 
  15. Compare before and after – 2019 meets 2023 (Flat tummy and clearer/youthful skin)
  16. Name the exact person you are targeting – For a freelance writing mom who hates the extra kilos 
  17. Use unbusiness like language – Food – misery in disguise or The American diet – a time bomb, ticking 
  18. Create suspense – What will happen to your body if you commit to intermittent fasting for 6 months? 
  19. Make a vivid comparison – Some days, intermittent fasting feels like climbing a vertical wall on spikes! 
  20. Tell a story – Last Christmas I said no to binge eating and snacking. It was the best decision ever…. I got lazy and gave up my intermittent fasting discipline…. 
  21. Evoke imagination – Can you imagine losing 60 pounds in one year? 
Beth Waweru
Author: Beth Waweru

Beth Waweru is a health and wellness writer and a freelance writing trainer and coach. She's a certified content marketer, an On-page SEO specialist, and an advanced copywriter. She enjoys writing content and copy for brands and individuals in the holistic health and fitness industry. Beth enjoys mentoring new and upcoming freelance writers to master the craft, land high-paying clients and successfully launch their freelance writing career.