Freelancing is a great way to make a living. The secret to increase your income is not only about your creativity and skills, but also about your energy levels.

The good thing is, you can always find ways to increase your energy levels – in the comfort of your home. Amazing?  

Read on and find awesome tips to increase your motivation and meet your financial goals.

  1. You Must Choose to Eat Right

When working on my projects, and it gets tough, I am tempted to rush to the kitchen and get a snack and continue. Of course, it comes in as a distraction.

It takes a lot of discipline to say no to that urge and continue working. The reason is, my favorite snack is full of sugar and carbohydrates. It gives me a boost of energy, but it is not sustainable. What I will have are highs and lows that will not carry me through the job.

Over time, I have learned a better way of handling this. I choose healthy snacks that are rich in proteins and have high fiber content. With this, my metabolism is steady, and I can work without feeling hungry too soon.

I have changed my diet to incorporate foods like nuts, yogurt, and fruits.

Check your diet and avoid foods that make you feel sluggish and sleepy. Snack healthily and see your energy levels rise significantly.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is essential for a healthy brain and for your body to function optimally.

When you take enough water, your body can remove toxins and transport nutrients throughout the body. Your cells will carry out their processes correctly and allow you to focus.

Have you been struggling to take water? I have been there enough times.

I can offer you a few tips that have worked for me. I bought a quality water bottle that I fill in some warm water and sip through as I work.

Also, during the breaks, I sip a glass of water and get back to writing.

3. Focused Writing and Determined Breaks

Working from home can be a bit distracting with email alerts, social media, friends, and sometimes people in the house.

To keep your energy high, you should set a timer to work in blocks. For example, I find 90 minutes blocks working perfectly for me. During that block, I keep away my phone, switch off notifications, and focus on writing.

After that, I may take a 30 minutes break to freshen up, eat a healthy snack, or take a walk. This level of discipline ensures high productivity and a high-quality job.

Multitasking will not help much. It reduces your efficiency and ability to follow through your projects.

Schedule and plan your time. Have time for social media, reading, and replying to emails and time devoted purely for writing.

4. Working Out

Freelancing means you can sit at your desk for a whole week. This is not healthy, and you may start feeling your body is too heavy to drag along.

Weight gain is likely since you are not physically active. Being overweight will limit your ability to work well, not to mention the high possibility of getting lifestyle diseases.

You should plan your day or week to get ample time to work out. It does not have to involve a gym membership.

Cycling is an amazing way to increase your energy levels and to stay motivated 

You can start where you are by watching some Youtube videos and working out along. You may also take strolls or jog around your estate for about 30 minutes a day or more.

It does not matter. Start somewhere even with as little as 20 minutes depending on your schedule and exercise goals.

5. Rest

Your body requires enough rest to work at its best.

When you feel worn out, it is not always a time to reach out for another mug of coffee. Your body may be signaling you to take a power nap. It would help if you listened to your body and responded accordingly.

Of course, there are times your schedules are too tight that you cannot get 7 hours of sleep. That is understandable.

I have survived a few days on about 5 hours of sleep to get something done. But that is for a short time before getting back to my routine. 

Quality sleep boosts my energy levels and increases performance. I realize I lose nothing by sleeping one more hour to rest fully. Plan your time to get adequate resting time. 

Your body’s health is the basis of increased energy levels as you work from home. Fuel it with the right nutrients, work out, remain hydrated, and get enough sleep. Coupled with creativity and skills, you will stay motivated and achieve your freelancing goals. 

Beth Waweru
Author: Beth Waweru

Beth Waweru is a health and wellness writer and a freelance writing trainer and coach. She's a certified content marketer, an On-page SEO specialist, and an advanced copywriter. She enjoys writing content and copy for brands and individuals in the holistic health and fitness industry. Beth enjoys mentoring new and upcoming freelance writers to master the craft, land high-paying clients and successfully launch their freelance writing career.