Category: Content Writing Services

January 13, 2021

13 Types of Content Writing Services For Businesses in 2021

According to KPMG, 47% of consumers visit a company’s website, while 55% search online for recommendations and reviews before purchasing. These statistics underscore the importance of content writing services that target your audience and consumers.    And in this digital age, you need experienced and strategic content marketers who can keep up with digital trends and craft content that resonates with your audience.  That said, there are […]

December 3, 2020

Professional Article Writing Services

If you are looking for professional article writing services that resonate with your audience, reflect your brand, and can customize content to depict a particular tone or voice, then you are at the right place.   At Xpress Content we understand the challenge of optimizing content for SEO and meeting the intent of your target audience. We will help you understand what is SEO writing services, why content […]

July 14, 2020

8 Amazing Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Did you just stumble into content writing online or from a friend, but you are not sure how to begin? Do you feel that you have learned much but don’t know where to start your freelancing journey?  I have been there. I understand your struggles and the battles that you have to deal with.  Let me tell you a little bit about my journey.  About […]