Where it All Began

 I started freelance writing in 2015, as a coincidence.

After graduating college and not securing a formal job, a friend introduced me to freelance writing. 

It was exciting, gave me the freedom I needed, and paid my bills.

It rekindled my passion for writing. Two years later, it was not as exciting – the rates had not changed and Upwork was not delivering.

I desired to have a course that would teach me how to create content that adds value to my clients.

What I found wasn’t quite it, as it lacked actionable steps and illustrations to write, format, or structure online content. 

The Birth of Xpress Content

I would experiment quite a lot, lose clients and get frustrated. 

When I mastered the craft and knew (through trial and error) what it takes to write quality content, market your skills, and land high-paying clients, I decided to train and mentor others. 

That’s when Xpress Content was born in 2019. 

As a freelance writing mom, I know freelance writing allows us to care for our little ones but also introduces a new set of challenges.

And that’s why I’m passionate about supporting and mentoring such so that motherhood and freelance writing find a sweet balance. 

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