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About Us

Getting You the Right Content to Resonate with your Audience and Increase Visibility and Rankings.

Xpress Content exists to create content that meets the searcher’s intent, and is carefully written with the right keywords and in their proper keyword density for high rankings and increased visibility.

By utilizing SEO best practices and approaches, your site’s traffic will grow and you are sure to have higher conversions and increased return on your investment

At the center of Xpress Content, is SEO tools such as Surfer SEO for SERPs and content editing and Ahrefs for keyword research.

This means the content is data-driven to generate results. 

Our Services

1. Keyword Research and Content Optimization


2. SEO Site Audit

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SEO website audit involves checking whether your on-page SEO utilizes the best SEO practices and recommends the best approaches to keep SEO score high.

3. Content Writing

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You will keyword phrases and I will help you create SEO optimized content that’s designed to increase your search engine ranking. Content such as 

  • Landing pages – homepage, about us, contacts us or services page
  • Blog posts 
  • Product reviews 
  • Marketing copies 
  • Product Descriptions


4. Content Optimization

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If your content  is performing poorly I can help you by editing, restructuring, and incorporating relevant keywords for better ranking on search engines.

I can also update your content to better meet the searcher’s intent. 

The Right Content in the best Form to the Right People is the means to a high ROI.

If you are new to content writing and would love some expert help, I can assist you launch your freelance writing business.
I can also provide mentorship and coaching to help you master the content writing craft.