Welcome to Xpress Content

Welcome to Xpress Content 

It is clear that businesses are steadily moving online to reach greater audiences and increase sales. 

Since this may not be your company’s core, it can be challenging to figure out the right strategy, timing, content, and platforms. 

That is where we, content marketers, come in. We aspire to create content that will boost your sales by informing, educating, pitching, and marketing. 

At Xpress Content, we provide efficient and effective services that will see your online business grow. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want ghostwriting services, blogging, social media posts, landing pages, product reviews, or product descriptions. 

Finding your Content Strategy 

If you are starting and unsure of what content strategy to use, we will help you. 

We will listen to understand your goals, target population, and resources at hand. 

We will then craft a strategy that is unique and meets your needs sustainably. 

Blogging Masters 

When it comes to blogging, we understand the best industry practices, including SEO. We will optimize your blog posts to rank high on search engines, meet the searcher’s intent, and reduce the bounce rate. 

We will also find captivating titles, catchy introduction, and engaging content to provide your readers’ desired value. If you feel stuck, we can help you determine who your audience is and their buyer’s journey. Essentially, you will attract new buyers and retain the existing ones. 

Keyword Research 

Content is not only for readers but also for search engines. Finding the words that will make your site or post rank high is a skill that few understand. 

You may not even be familiar with the term and the fact that how you package your content matters. 

It is that gap that we strive to fill. We can help you find the keywords based on your industry. You can go ahead and create the content, or you can hire us to help you. 

Copywriting Techniques 

We will help you know the pain points that you want to address and the best way to do that. 

Through copywriting, we will use the right power words to evoke emotions that will result in desired actions.

 Such practices will grow your audience and improve loyalty, such that making a sale becomes easy. 

Website Designing 

A website is an integral part of any business. It would be difficult to find your mailing list without a website. You don’t have to break the bank to have a website as a start-up. We can design your website and also create website pages for you. 

We can also advise you on the best approach when choosing website design, themes, and plugins. With us, you will avoid trial and error and time wastage trying to find your footing. 

Freelance Writing Training  

You may want to research keywords, craft a content strategy for your blog, and write your blog posts, but you don’t know where to begin. We have a training package that helps you learn those skills online at your pace. 

We will provide reading materials, videos, assessments, and external resources to ensure you are ready to take your website to the next level. You can also use the skills acquired to earn a living from freelance writing. 

Freelance Writing Mentorship 

You might have self-trained yourself but need a second eye to check on your progress and skills. 

We are here for you. 

We will evaluate your ability to write high-quality content, send out proposals to potential clients, and your content strategy. 

Don’t walk this journey alone or grope in darkness when we can help you find your footing in writing, niche down, or even get clients.


What makes us Unique?

  • Top-Notch Content

We provide high-quality, error-free, and engaging content 

  • We Value Your Time 

We remain professional, punctual, and reliable throughout the project time. 

  • We have a team of experts 

They are skilled and experienced to provide a unique product that meets your business needs. We are also detail-oriented and listen to understand your business needs 

  • Excellent communication 

We ensure we respond to your queries, feedback, or concerns within 24 hours of contacting us.


Let’s do this together. 

Contact us today.